Squire Protector

ABUS Steel-O-Flex Granite

The Squire Protector U-lock (picture) has been the winner cost/security in two different tests. It is constructed as the Squire Paramount, but does not have as high steel quality in the shackle and it has a simpler tumbler mechanism.


The Squire Protector is the Squire Paramount's little brother. In the test in Total Bike Magazine the lock stood up to everything but the grinder, providing how though Squire locks really are. It was the winner security/cost in this test and in the Norwegian test. It is constructed like the Squire Paramount, but the Squire Protector has not as high quality in the shackle as Squire Paramount. The 4 pin tumbler mechanism in the Squire Protector gives good security with 1,300 different key combinations. However, the 6 pin tumbler anti-pick mechanism in the Squire Paramount gives extra high security with more than 117,000 different key combinations. If you have a bicycle worth over US 1,000, we recommend the Squire Paramount U-lock.

ABUS Steel-O-Flex Granite

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